Fixer / Glue

Fixer / Glue - How to use

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Step 1 Apply Adhesive

Apply adhesive along base of false eyelashes using the brush attached on cap

Step 2

Wait for 30-60 seconds until the adhesive's color changes from bluish/greenish white to clear. Make sure you attach the false eyelashes on your eyelid after the adhesive is dried and tacky.

If you wear false eyelashes before the adhesive is dried, false eyelashes will not stick to your eyelid and easily come off.

Step 3

Apply the false eyelashes to the base of your natural lashes.

Step 4

Attach from the center part of the lashes and press both ends softly.

Tip: Wipe of sebum before wearing the tape.

Step 5

Press false eyelashes and your original eyelashes together gently to integrate and get the natural look.

Tip: Wipe of sebum before wearing the tape.

Step 6Dramatic Look

Super strong last all day long

Step 1

Place a small amount of eye makeup remover on a cotton swab.

Step 2

Gently dab the remover onto your upper eyelash line where you placed your false eyelashes with the eyelash adhesive glue. Let it soak in for a minute.

Step 3

Gently pull off the false eyelashes with tweezers once the glue has softened.

If you are just removing leftover glue, dampen a cotton ball with water and gently wipe away any glue residue.

Step 4

Rinse your eye area with lukewarm water to ensure your natural eyelashes are clean and free of residue.