Wonder Eyelid Tape POINT

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Eyelid Tape POINT - Suitable for narrow double eyelid Hard Adhesive Partial Length

Forms double eyelid by hiding the tape under the crease in your eyelid

Strong resistance against water/sweat. Maintains double eyelid effect for many hours!

Made with safe medical grade adhesive.

0.09mm double sided-tape stays perfectly on your eyelid.

The POINT type was designed for those who already have a double eyelid & only desire to accentuate the effect.

One of the most popular double eyelid tapes in Japan. Made with super strong double sided medical adhesive tape to create the ideal double eyelid effect. Enables you to make a deep and natural eyelid crease. Clear 0.09mm ultra-thin tape is invisible when applied and stays inside the crease all day long. High resistance against water/sweat and lasts all day.

0.09mm high quality ultra-thin transparent tape. High adhesive maintains the double eyelid effect all day while resisting water and sweat.

  1. Decide your ideal double eyelid line.
  2. Put the tape on your eyelid.
  3. Push the tape into your eyelid using V-stick.
  4. Adjust the crease.
  5. Dramatic Change!

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