Eyelashes - How to use

Applying false eyelashes can be hard especially for beginners. Following the steps below to apply, remove and take care of false eyelashes can prevent problems and make your product last longer.

Step 1 Apply Adhesive

Apply a small amount of adhesive along the base of false eyelash using the brush attached on the adhesive cap.

Cut the lash band to size if needed.

Step 2*If you're using D-UP EYELASH FIXER EX 552

Wait for 30-60 seconds until the adhesives color changes from bluish/greenish white to clear. Make sure the adhesive is dry and tacking when you attach the false eyelash to your eyelid.

Tip: *If you attach the false eyelash before the adhesive has dried to a tacky finish, the false eyelash will not stick to your eyelid and easily fall off.

Step 3Put false eyelashes on

Apply the false eyelashes to the base of your natural lashes.

Step 4

Attach from the center part first and smooth out to both ends softly.

Step 5

Press the false eyelash and your original lashes together gently to blend in and achieve a natural look.

Perfect Finish

Super strong and last all day long if you are using D-UP EYELASHES FIXER EX

Step 1

Gently peel the false eyelashes with finger tips from the outer corner of eye.

If you are just removing leftover glue on the eyelid, use makeup remover.

Step 2

Rinse your eye area with lukewarm water to ensure your natural eyelashes are clean and free of residue.

Store the false eyelashes in tray or case.

Step 1

Peel the remaining strip of adhesive off so the false lash is ready to be re-applied for next use.

For deep cleansing

Step 2

After the 1st step, clean the false eyelashes if you need.

Gently wipe dirt on false eyelash with a damp cotton swab.

Step 3

Store the false eyelashes in tray or case.