Single-sided Type

Single-sided Type - How to use

Using single eyelid tapes can be hard especially for beginners. Proper ways to apply and remove can prevent troubles.

Step 1 Decide ideal double eyelid line

Decide your ideal double eyelid line by using S-stick.

Tip: Wash or wipe away eyelid sebum before applying the tape.

Step 2Peel the tape

Peel the tape off from sheet using tweezer

Tip: Tape's stickiness will weaken if you touch the tape by your finger.

Step 3 Put the tape on your eyelid

Close your eyes and place the tape under you ideal double eyelid line.

Step 4 Camouflage the tape

Press the tape with S-stick firmly & evenly. It helps the tape to camouflage with your skin.

Step 5 Dramatic Change

Open your eyes slowly.

Tip: Apply makeup after wearing the tape


Apply makeup remover on your eyelid and rub gently with your finger.


Peel the tape off slowly from the side.


Rub your eyelid again after taking the tape off to remove the remaining glue.