Liquid Type

Liquid Type - How to use

Just apply and let dry. Please follow the steps below to prevent problems and make the product last longer.

Step 1 Apply makeup

Apply makeup before using ORISHIKI.

Tip: Please do not use oily products.

Step 2Decide double eyelid line

Use special stick included to detemine your ideal double eyelid line.

Step 3 Keep this posture

Look down into the mirror so your eyelid has no crease before applying this product. Keep this posture until the liquid is completely dry.

Step 4 Apply ORISHIKI

Apply ORISHIKI liquid thoroughly from your lash line up to ideal double eyelid line. *Avoid getting into eyes.

Tip : You can add second coat to make synthetic skin film thicker so the double eyelid crease will be more defined. Apply second coat after color of the first coat changes from white to clear.

Step 5 Let dry completely

Close your eyes and wait approximately 30 seconds until the liquid is completely dry. Then slowly open your eyes.

Tip : Gently touch your eyelids before opening eyes to make sure the liquid is completely dry.

Step 6 Natural double eyelids

ORISHIKI liquid transforms into invisible synthetic skin film once dry. It folds into the eyelids when opening eyes.

Wash your face with any of your favorite cleansers. Easy removal.
*Use makeup remover if necessary.