EYELASHES Lashever VOLUME Series (301-305)

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A series of false eyelashes that fulfill your desired eye look, ranging from natural to impactful. With a wide range of options, you can achieve your ideal eye makeup to complement your overall look and fashion style.



Get your eyes look fancy & fabulous with classy volume

1. Gently and carefully remove the false eyelashes  and remove the adhesive for a cleaner finish.

2. Confirm the placement of the false eyelashes with leave about 5mm from the inner corner of your eye. Cut the lash band to size if needed.

3. Apply a small amount of adhesive (EYELASHES FIXER EX 552 recommended)
     Along the base of the false eyelash using the brush attached to the adhesive cap, being careful not to get it on the hairs.

4. Wait for 30-60 seconds until the adhesives color changes from bluish/greenish white to transparent.
     Make sure the adhesive is dry and tacking when you attach the false eyelash to your eyelid.
Tip: *If you attach the false eyelash before the adhesive has dried to a tacky finish, the false eyelash will not stick to your eyelid and easily fall off.

5. Look down into a mirror and slightly lower your eyelids for easier application.

6. Place the false eyelashes along the lash line, starting from the middle and then moving towards the outer corner and inner corner.

7. Use your fingers to adjust the angle. Lifting the hairs will make your eyes look more open.


To remove:
■ When removing, gently hold the outer hair tip of the false eyelashes and slowly peel it off from the tail of the eye.

■ Store the false eyelashes in a tray or case.

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